Which is which?

Which is which? Are we talking about sandwiches? Witches? Actually none of the above. This addicting quiz will test your knowledge on everything. Do you know which is taller? Which can bite harder? Which is larger? Well you better find out or else you'll end up looking like our unfortunate emoji above. In this quiz you will be presented with mind teasing questions about which is which. I think many of us believe we have a general understanding and knowledge of things. But how well do you actually know what you think you know? I think many will be surprised to find out they don't know as much as they thought they did when it comes to general trivia. This quiz is here to put it to the test and you are guaranteed to learn something in the process. The actual definition of trivia is details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value. So there might be some science behind why we can never remember some capitals or in which cities hold important landmarks. Pieces of information so trivial that one might forget the trivia associated with it. After all memories are stored in the hippocampus on the brain. And as we learn and focus on more important things the brain erases less important information to be able to focus. This way the brain doesn't waste time or energy on trivial information. Will this excuse be sufficient enough for you however when your friends find out you don't know the capital of Mexico? Or in which country the Eiffel Tower is located? Pieces of information that any member of society who doesn't live in a cave would be able to easily provide the answer to. Take the quiz to find out just how much, or little, you actually know. Do your friends have as good of a memory as you? Be sure to share the quiz with them to find out. Check out all our other content to continue with the fun!