Popular Trends Quiz

Are you an expert of Tik Tok? Do you see a trend and instantly recognize the song or dance to it? I think most of us would claim that this is true. But it is actually much harder than it looks. In this quiz you will be presented with a video of a popular trend on Tik Tok but it has no sound. You will need to select from the options the correct sound that matches it. Think you could do it? Take the quiz to find out. Did you know these fun facts about Tik Tok? The average user spends over 50 minutes on the app each day. That's a lot of Tik Toks seen! Where do they get so many videos to show to their users? It is shown that around 34% of users post at least one video every day. Due to the unique algorithm of Tik Tok follower count is less important than other networks. Because of this a video can go viral with an account that has little or no followers. Just as long as people are watching and reacting to it positively. Tik Tok is generally viewed as more real than other platforms like Instagram. It doesn't have the edit and polish of Instagram posts trying to portray people only in the perfect light. They are filmed in the comfort of their bedrooms and bloopers are encouraged. Many influencers use Tik Tok as a way to show behind the scenes of their photos they have posted on Instagram or other platforms. Many people remember that Tik Tok was once formerly Musical.ly. A platform that was mainly used for lip syncing videos to popular songs. However Tik Tok is so much more than it's former version that was changed in 2017. Videos are based on short form attention grabbing videos ranging from how to's to simply popular dance challenges. The nature of the algorithm makes it so that any video has the ability to go viral as long as it is interesting enough. Videos that typically wouldn't reach a wide audience on other networks like finance or medical videos can find their niche and grow very fast on Tik Tok. Take the quiz to test your extensive knowledge on the trends of Tik Tok. Do your friends know as much as about Tik Tok as you? Be sure to share it with them to find out. Don't forget to check out all our other content to stay up to date on the fun.