How Well Do You Know Your Notifications?

How well do you know your notifications? Something we hear all day everyday. The musical harmony of communications and alerts that guide us through our everyday lives. Many of us have custom notifications for certain contacts or applications, ringtones to know who's calling; But how well do you actually know them? If the notification bar was removed on your phone would you be able to survive just by the sounds alone to know who or what is buzzing you in each moment? I think many of us think they would be able to but the reality is it's much harder than what meets the eye. Our lives are so full of dings and whirls some of us even imagine them when in reality no notification sound was played. Many people swear they hear a sound or feel a vibration only to check their phone and find an empty screen with no notifications. What is your opinion on the fact? Has it ever happened to you before? Some researches claim it is an actually problem that people can experience while others swear the notification itself is bugged. That a sound did actually play but the notification didn't come through. I can't say one way or another but one thing is for sure is that the world is filled with nonstop noises and sounds. In this quiz you will be played an audio of the default notification for some of the most popular apps you have on your phone. Will you be able to match the sound to the correct app? Take the quiz to find out today just how well you know your notifications. Be sure to share with your friends to see if they know their notifications as well as you. Check out all our other content to continue the fun as well!