Landmarks Quiz

How well do you know your iconic landmarks around the world? You recognize them at a glance. But where are they actually located? This is trickier than one may think. In this quiz your knowledge of the worlds most famous sites will be tested. Do you have what it takes to pass? Did you know these fun facts about the world's landmarks? The Eiffel Tower actually has an apartment located on the third floor for his private use. Thomas Edison once visited him there. Now it is open for the public to tour. The color of the tower itself actually is it's own color! It's called Eiffel Tower Brown. It was originally painted this red brown color but later repainted yellow. In construction of the Taj Mahal over 1,000 elephants were used to haul materials needed for construction. The foundation is actually made of timber and there is a real risk that it could collapse. With this in mind the builders designed it to collapse outward. There is a duplicate built in Dubai and Bangladesh. The reason? So the poor people of Bangladesh could see the Taj Mahal without the cost of having to travel. The sphinx of Egypt is actually not a sphinx at all. A real sphinx has wings, the body of a lion and the face of a woman. The one located in Egypt has no wings and the face of a man. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the manufacturer who made it in France. Americans had to pay for the pedestal and part of the total cost of the statue itself. In 1985 the statue was given a new torch and her face was moved two feet because it was slightly off centered. Will you be able to pass the test on these famous landmarks? Take the test to find out. Do you friends know as much about the landmarks as you? Be sure to share this quiz with them to find out. Don't forget to check out all our other content to stay up to date on the fun.