Game of Thrones Trivia Quiz

"Game of Thrones" is a television series on HBO that is based on George R.R. Martin's "A song of Ice and Fire " series, which was first published in 1996 and has been running since then. The first book in the series. "A Game of Thrones." was published in 2011.

In addition to featuring a large number of interesting characters, the show is focused on three main storylines: The battle for the Iron Throne, the last descendant of the recently deposed dynasty, and men of the Night's watch. The show is also not averse to killing off these characters from time to time.

As a fan of the show, you've probably noticed to things: one, there are a lot of characters to get to know; and, two, don't get too attached to them because they'll most  likely be killed off at some point in the future. "Game of Thrones" is filmed on location in Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, and other exotic locations to create the show's iconic backdrops, which are well-known around the world.

However, despite its intricate storytelling and dark themes , Game of Thrones is a captivating, well-acted and intelligently written television series that is a must watch!

Take this quiz to see how well you recall the Game of Throne series! These will assist you in determining your memory level as well as recalling the details of the series that you may have forgotten. Best of luck!

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