Fast Food Logo Quiz

Fast food. You either love it or you hate it. Or you love to hate it. Or you hate to love it. Whichever category you fall into it's hard to avoid them even if you don't eat them. We are bombarded with their ads at every turn. See their billboards on the highway. And see their countless locations sprawled out through every city. Some would even assume they've seen the logos so many times that they could recognize them anywhere in any form.

Well in this quiz we have you covered. You will be presented with the most popular fast food logos but there's a twist. Part of the logo will be removed and you will need to guess which restaurant it actually belongs to. Do you have the skills to complete this challenge? I think you will be surprised by how difficult it actually is.

Did you know these fun facts about fast food?

The largest toy distributer in the world actually isn't a toy company at all. It's McDonalds. It is estimated they distribute over 1.5 billion toys a year in their happy meals. Now that's a lot of toys.

Subway has almost 38 million combos that you can choose from. Ranging from their various sandwiches to their numerous toppings.

In Japan the traditional dinner on Christmas Eve is actually KFC. Christmas isn't actually a national holiday in Japan. However the numerous foreigners that live there or visit during the holidays unable to find turkey for Christmas Day usually find themselves ordering some fried chicken as a close replacement.

If your name is Jared it was your lucky day back in 2008. Domino's once offered their new sandwiches for free to anyone named Jared. I wonder if Jared from Subway ever stopped by to get his free sandwich.

Take the quiz to test out your knowledge of the most recognizable brands across the globe. Do your friends know their fried food as well as you? Be sure to share the quiz with them to find out.

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