Country Flag Quiz

Do you consider yourself a world traveler? Would you be able to recognize a flag if you saw one? I think many of us would probably say they could. But the reality is it's actually much harder than what many think. When provided with a flag and no context the average eye is unable to match the flag with the given country. So how trained is your eye?

In this quiz you will be tested on your knowledge of the flags of the world. You will be shown a flag and will need to select the correct country that it pertains to. Think you have what it takes? Take the quiz to find out.

Did you know these interesting facts about flags?

There are only 3 flags in the world that are different from their front and backside. Moldova, Paraguay and Saudi Arabia.

The biggest flag in the world was constructed in Romania. It measured a whopping 1,145 x 744.5 feet. Which for context is about three times the size of a football field! It weighed 5 tons and contained 44 miles of thread.

We all know it's wrong to burn a flag right? Or is it? Did you know the United States actually burns thousands of flags every year on June 14th. The US Flag Code states that a flag that is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferable by burning.

Every year military veteran organizations and the Boy Scouts of America burn thousands of flags. The burnings, or retirements, are held on June 14th which is Flag Day.

There is only one non rectangular flag in the world. Every country with the exception of one has a rectangular (or square) flag. Do you know which one is the odd man out? Nepal is the only country in the world to host such a flag. Their flag design is two stacked triangles to represent the Himalaya Mountains.

Test your knowledge on our quiz here of the flags of the world to see if you are a true expert. Do your friends know as much as you? Be sure to share the quiz with them to find out.

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