Car Logo Quiz

Do you consider yourself a motor head? Does the sound of an engine revving sound like music to your ears? This quiz is designed to test just how much you know about popular car brands. I think most of us when shown a logo of a car brand can come up with the name of the brand. However, what happens when we don't show you the entire logo? Not so easy now is it? In this quiz you will be presented with the logo of a popular car brand. However part of the logo will be erased. You will need to have a vast knowledge of not only the logos but also the names of the car brands as well. Most of us including the motor heads of the group I think will find it challenging to be able to piece the logos together in order to determine which car brand it belongs to. Before we start the quiz did you know these fun facts about cars? Currently there are around 1 billion cars in use all over the planet. Now that's a lot of traffic! To supply such a large demand for cars about 165 thousand cars are produced every day with the average car containing over 30,000 parts. Each year the average American spends around 38 hours stuck in traffic. However it's no secret that road speeds have increased significantly over time to help us get to our destination quicker. The first speeding ticket was issued in 1902 with the driver doing a blistering 45 mph. Modern Formula 1 cars produce such downforce that they can drive upside down at around 120 mph. Would you be brave enough to test it out? If you were to drive to the moon at 60 mph it would take less than a month. Start packing for a road trip! Take the test to find out just how much you know about cars. Do your friends know as much about cars as you? Be sure to share this quiz with them to find out. Don't forget to check out all our other content to stay up to date on the fun.