Who Is Your Celebrity Boyfriend?

Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity? Of course! Who hasn't? Have you ever wondered who your perfect Hollywood match is? At the end of the day these are real people after all. They put their pants on one leg at a time as the saying goes. Even if their pants are 10x the cost of ours. Behind all the designer clothes and sunglasses who are they actually? Other than chance encounters in person many people only ever know them based on their appearances when the camera is rolling. I think a lot of people find it hard to look at celebrities as normal people like you and me. And for this fact they might have never wondered who their perfect celebrity match would be. Which is why we created our celebrity boyfriend quiz to find your perfect match based on yours and theirs personality. With so many celebrities these days from musicians to athletes to actors there are more than enough to choose from. But how does one go about matchmaking with a high profile member of society? You can save the money on fancy clothes and expensive parties. We have created a portal for you to be teleported directly into your own celebrity version of the bachelor to find your perfect match. You will also get a preview inside of the true personality of some of your most beloved faces and people in the industry. Are they actually as nice as they look? Is it all just for the camera? Are they a terrible person at heart? You will go through a variety of personality questions to determine your perfect Hollywood sweetheart. Will your friends get as great of a boyfriend as you? Be sure to share the quiz for them to find out. Don't forget to take all our other quizzes as well to continue the fun!