“Don’t Expect It To Look Like The Movies”: 30 Lifesaving Tips That Might Save Your Life One Day


“Don’t Expect It To Look Like The Movies”: 30 Lifesaving Tips That Might Save Your Life One Day

1. If you’re ever stuck in quicksand, lie down. It’s like floating on water, the dispersion of your weight will make you float.

Though I admit this isn’t as common a problem as I was led to believe as a child.


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2. Do not remove objects from stab wounds.

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3. “Sharp knives are usually safer to use.

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4. Never suck venom out of a snake bite

It can be dangerous as it can help the venom to spread and damage the skin around the bite.

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5. “If you’re being tied up, make yourself as big as possible so it’ll be easier to wiggle out. Flex your muscles and inhale deep to make more space.”

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6. If a guard dog comes at you, look to one side and slowly turn around. Then walk away.If a dog hunts you, scream before it reaches you and fight if it didn’t scare.

The first has saved me from two rottweilers once.

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7. “If you think you’re being followed turn right four times. Since you’ll get to the same place they shouldn’t be following you anymore. If they do, you might be in trouble.”

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8.  If caught in a burning building, get low. The breathable air will be closer to the floor.


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9. If your car is skidding on an icy or wet road, steer in the direction of the skid rather than against it. You have a better chance of regaining control of the car and you avoid the risk of flipping your car over.

Most importantly do not slam the brakes.

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10. If you’re near the ocean and all that water suddenly dissappears/recedes unexpectedly then get out of there and get to high ground because that’s a tsunami.

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11. Emergency number. A useful thing to know is that most cell phones can dial a local emergency number, even when there is no SIM card. Even if you are in an area with no service at all, do not switch your phone off. An attempt to dial an emergency number could transmit an electronic lifeline that lets rescuers know you’re alive. This concept is called a “digital handshake.”

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12. If you or someone else is having a heart attack, take aspirin. Chew it tho, don’t swallow it whole.

Also, when performing CPR, people don’t usually come back to life like in the movies. If done correctly, CPR can keep people alive for hours, so keep going until help arrives

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13. If you are being attacked, go for the groin, eyes or ears.

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14. If someone points a gun at you, maintain eye contact with the person.

Eye contact makes it harder to pull the trigger.

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15. If your car’s accelerator pedal gets stuck or something else is causing unintended acceleration. Put it in neutral.

It sounds obvious but it’s hard to remember when it happens and it won’t be instinct. Turning the key off works but could cause the steering to lock or loss of breaks.

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16.  If you are in a survival situation, breathe through your nose and not your mouth. Breathing through your mouth uses up more energy. Stay calm and breathe through your nose to save energy and moisture.

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17. “Head injuries can take hours to manifest. Go see a doctor even if you think it’s minor. If you wait, it may already be too late once you start showing symptoms.”

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18. If you find yourself stuck in a riptide, do not panic. Do not try to fight it and swim against it either as this will cause exhaustion. Swim parallel to the shore, and go with the flow. The rip current will dissipate at some point, and it will not pull you under.

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19. If you’re on an airplane that crashes into water, don’t inflate your life-vest until after you have swum out of the plane. If you inflate your flotation device before escaping you are much more likely to get trapped in the fuselage as water levels inside the plane rise and you get pushed towards the ceiling.Find your life jacket, get out of the plane, then inflate it.

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20. If you have nothing to defend yourself with in a survival situation against an attacker, your belt can be used as a whip.


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21. Underwater and don’t know which way is up? Just breathe… and follow the air bubbles. They’re going up. Similarly, if you have been buried in an avalanche or in dirt and don’t know which direction is the surface, spit and see where gravity takes it. Head in the opposite direction.

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22. Purple flags at the beach mean dangerous sea life in the area. Most people understand the other flags, but purple can be confusing.

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23.  “Buy a glass breaker with a seatbelt knife and keep it in your car. It’s a couple bucks and it may save your (or someone else’s) life.”

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24. Keeping warm with campfire rocks. Do not forget to put stones around your campfire. The stones will control the fire, and, after the fire dies out, they can be used to keep you warm. Warm stones can also be used to purify water. If you place the rocks inside cans with water, the water will boil.

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25.  Fishing with a can top. If you are lost in the wilds, fishing is one of the easiest ways to gather food. To make a fishing hook, you can use the little tag on the top of your beer or soda can. It is the perfect shape for making a hook. You will have to cut one segment out of it and sharpen it. If possible, you can add some bread to it as bait.

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26. “If someone is in trouble in the water, bring something with you — a float, a rope, a towel, etc. — and use that to bridge the gap between you so you can tow the person in. In their panic, they can pull you down, too.”

Man being rescued from the water

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27. Chemical burns are not like fire or heat burns.

Many will not immediately trigger a reflex action of pain.

I lost a chunk of skin under my armpit because an industrial cleaner dripped under my rain suit. I had rinsed off my arm and didn’t receive so much redness, but 30 minutes later I noticed my shirt was soaked in blood. No pain till the next day and by then a quarter size piece of skin had fallen off.

Read the labels and remove any chemical as quickly as possible using the recommended method. Water is not always the best way.

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28. If you get lost in the woods, stay where you are! The chances of finding the way out on your own are pretty slim and you’re just creating a larger search area for SAR.

Also, tell people exactly where you’re going and when you’ll be home. If you’re not home by X time, instruct someone to call for help.

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29. Always let someone know where you will be. It doesn’t matter if you are going out with friends or going hiking alone. Someone needs to know where you are so they know if you have not returned.

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30. It is not advisable to eat snow as a way to prevent dehydration. It does not provide you with much water, and by eating it you reduce your body heat.

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