In the age of smartphones apps have become a part of our daily lives. There are a million and one apps on the App Store (1.96 million to be exact) so how do you keep track of all of them?

We’ve compiled a list of our top 25 apps you didn’t know existed but need to download today.

1. Airbrush

Airbrush is an all in one photo editing app that gives you the power of a professional photo editor in your fingertips.

Some features include:

-Remove acne and blemishes

-Whiten teeth

-Brighten eyes

-Sculpt and shape facial features

-Tons of filters

If there’s anything you want to do to your photos then you can do it with Airbrush

Download it here

2. Lolli


Get bitcoin cash back on your purchases with Lolli. Yes you heard that right.

Lolli is a rewards company that give you bitcoin cash back when you shop at over 1,000 stores. It works by partnering with merchants and retailers that pay them when you shop at their stores. In return they share that money to you in the form of bitcoin cash back. You can transfer to your bank account whenever you want.

Download it here


VCUS is a unique video editing app that applies amazing and professional effects at the tap of a button.

Create professional looking posts for your social medias or to share with your friends with ease.

It also offers exclusive original music for creating vlogs to post to YouTube or other platforms.

Download it here

3. Omada

Omada is a super unique twist on betting. Place your bets without the bets.

Yeah you heard it right. Omada is designed for you to play against your friends by betting on all the popular sports leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, and MLS)

There is no money needed to place your bet, The app tracks your points as you win and lose and pits you against your friends to see who is truly the master better – all without betting money.

Download it here

4. Fam

Fam is the essential app in this remote world we are living in.

Find friends, join calls, make new friends.

Fam has everything you need or ever could want in a social app to stay connected with your friends.

Download it here

5. Fontmaker

Fontmaker allows you to make your handwriting a font — Actually.

This might be one of the most unique and coolest apps we’ve ever seen.

Draw the alphabet in your own handwriting and then use it to write messages with it.

Download it here

6. IRL

IRL removes the layer of separation between you and your friends when you aren’t together.

Create groups of interests to find new friends who share the same interests as you.

Chat in groups, create polls and send gifs in a native and way that feels like you are with your friends IRL.

Download it here

7. Sweatcoin

Need that extra incentive to workout? Well look no further.

With sweat coin you get paid to walk – literally.

Sweatcoin uses your HealthKit step data to convert them into coins. The healthier you become the wealthier you get.

Download it here

8. Fonts Art

Fonts Art is a one stop shop for all things design.

Choose from over 100 fonts to use in your every day typing. You can even make your own handwriting a font.

Personalize your Home Screen with a variety of custom icons to choose from.

Download it here

9. Litstick

Prank your friends and family with this super fun app.

Just drag and drop the stickers in your conversation to cover up or change what someone sends.

Download it here

10. Hint: Horoscope and Astrology

Explore your personality with the Hint app.

It uses NASA data combined with AI to give you the most accurate and precise reading possible.

Get compatibility reports to see if that special someone is the one. They even offer 1 on 1 guidance with a professional astrologer.

Download it here 

11. Fabulous: Daily Routine Planner

Fabulous is a one stop shop for self improvement.

Take classes from experts in nutrition, exercise, mediation and even napping.

If you are looking to become the most fabulous version of yourself you need to get Fabulous.

Download it here

12. Breathwrk: Breathing Exercises 

Take a deep breath. Then download Breathwrk.

This app makes it easy to eliminate stress and anxiety with structured breathing exercises.

Follow the lessons the psychotherapists, athletes, sleep doctors and many more use to take control of their mood by breathing.

Download it here

13. Flashtape

This app records 1 second videos and automatically stitches them together for you to share.

Create a montage of the best times to share with your friends and relive your memories.

Download it here

14. Fastic: Intermittend Fasting

Intermittent fasting is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of dieting without strict food restrictions.

With the Fastic app you can track your fasting timer, water intake, step counter and much more.

It’s never been easy to stick to a diet before.

Download it here 

15. Celebs: Celebrity Lookalike

Have you ever wondered which celebrity you most closely represent?

With this fun app you can find just that out. This app will compare a photo of you and find your celebrity doppelgänger.

Download it here

16. Bunch Group Video Chat & Games

Jump on a group call with your friends while playing games.

Bunch lets you hang out with your friends and play multiplayer games with them.

With many games to choose from you and your friends will never be bored again.

Download it here 

17. Nord VPN

At this point we’ve all heard of VPNs. They allow you to access the internet from different locations and provide you with more security against web trackers to keep your data private.

NordVPN is one of the best apps we’ve found to do this. With their ease of use combined with fast speed and numerous locations to choose from they are a no brainer.

Download it here

18. Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

We all need some time to ourselves in this hectic world we live in today.

With Mindfulness you’ll have a professional in the palm of your hand guiding you through a variety of exercises.

It has lessons as short as 1-2 minutes for those on the run so there is no excuse for anyone not to take some time to relax and unwind.

Download it here

19. Wink

Meet millions of people all over the world and chat with them directly.

Wink makes finding friends in an increasingly digital first world a breeze.

Download it here

20. Busuu: Language Learning

Let’s face it we all have dreamed one day of speaking another language fluently but most of us give up shortly after starting to learn a new language.

Busuu has a variety of features to always keep you engaged and learning. With over 120 million users they must be doing something right.

Download it here 

21. Octi

Embrace the metaverse with Octi.

Octi is an AR social network where you can create videos and use immersive filters.

Jump into the metaverse and begin creating with Octi.

Download it here

22. Nutrition Coach: Food Tracker

Track your calories effortlessly with Nutrition Coach.

Stick to over 1,700 recipes inside the app and track your progress with the calorie tracking feature. Just scan the barcode of your food to automatically track.

Download it here

23. Bend: Stretching and Flexibility

Recover mobility and relieve pain in your back, neck, shoulder and hip.

With Bend you’ll be lead through daily stretches to help both physical and mental health.

Choose from a variety of routine such a wake-up or posture reset to tailer the stretches to exactly what you need.

Download it here