20 Soul-Healing Rescue Pet Pics To Make You Smile


20 Soul-Healing Rescue Pet Pics To Make You Smile

Most of us spend a lot of time scrolling through our phones. After all, it’s important to stay educated about current events and to fight injustice in whatever manner we can. However, it can get a little overwhelming at times. So, whether you need a brief break or a reason to relax, we’ve got you covered.

Adopting a pet rather than purchasing one not only gives it a second chance at life, but it also frees up space and other resources, allowing humane organizations to take in and aid additional animals.

Here are some of pet’s soul-healing images that will relax your mind as you go over this article. Enjoy!

1.  My Wife And I Adopted A Former Feral Who “Chose People” Instead Of Going Back To Her Cat Gang. Meet Trish The People-Liker!

Image source: Wu_Tang_Financial77

2. Adopted This Happy Guy From The Shelter On Saturday. Meet Echo!



Image source:


3. Just Adopted These Two Partners In Crime




Image source: CutieToTop

4. My 3 year old with the new kitten I brought home.



Image source: ExcuseUsed2813

5. Malcolm, Our Longest-Tenured Resident At The Shelter, Officially Got Adopted By His Foster Family



Image source: MARLeague

6. Greetings. Meet Nacho. My 8 Week Old Kitten That I Adopted From The Shelter About 1 Hour Ago


Image source: TheBossIsTheSauce

7. Kitty Realizes She’s Adopted And Sentenced To Life Imprisonment, Cuddles And Treatos

Image Source: MrCristobal091

8. Adopted A New Dog Today. She Is Fitting In Perfectly Already


Image Source: Emilyredwine

9. Lemon Before And After Adoption


Image Source: thelensguru

10. Our Rescue Pittie. The Happiest Boy Ever


Image Source: winterbaby26

11. A Triple Adoption?!?


Image Source: Kitty_casserole

12. I’ve always been called a cat-person with three in the family right now, but I recently decided to adopt a puppy and I think he’s pretty happy about it. Everyone meet Disco!


Image Source: TommyRockbottom

13. Happy to be adopted!


Image Source: Sirdares

14. Someone Turned Over This 15 Year Old Dog To The Shelter So They Could Travel. He’s Safe With Me Now. This Is Bert

Image Source: Nurse_Kiwi

15. Turns Out Puppy Was Actually A Baby Goat, 11/10 Would Adopt Again

Image Source: phantuba

16. We Adopted Bosch 2 Weeks Ago, Kept Stealing The Kids Teddies So We Got Him His Own


Image Source: wulfpack94

17. Adopted 2 Pups From The Spca And Caught Them Holding Paws Comforting Each Other

Image Source: wcslater

18. Update: Ollie Got Adopted!!!


Image Source: MARLeague

19. The Pose That My Newly Adopted Garbage Kitty Sleeps In


Image Source: fastattackSS

20. I Adopted My Brother-In-Law’s Cat, Cause His Baby Is Allergic To It. Safe To Say, I’m Not Getting My Armchair Back Anytime Soon


Image Source: TemRazbou


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