10 Things Tik Tok Made Me Buy This Year

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The year has come and gone. For some not fast enough. For others way too fast. It was undoubtedly another hectic and drama filled year for many. However, it wasn’t all bad. We put together a list of the top 10 items that Tik Tok made me buy this year. Some for entertainment, some to relax and some just because they are cool.


Vortex Shower Head

Coming in at number 1 on the list is the vortex shower head. This gadget has a built in fan inside the head to create a powerful vortex that gives you just the right amount of pressure while showering. It’s a must have for anyone who loves a nice relaxing shower – and who doesn’t?

Get it on Amazon for $17.99


Galaxy Projector

Coming in at number 2 on the list is the galaxy projector. Transform your room into a serene starscape with the push of a button. This powerful device will transform night to day and decorate your walls from ceiling to floor. Connect it to your phone through Bluetooth to fully customize your experience.

Get it on Amazon for $59.99


Tik Tok Leggings

At number 3 we have the infamous Tik Tok leggings. For those of you who have seen them on your feed a hundred times I need to say no more. For those of you who haven’t you will want to check them out. They are specially cut leggings to accentuate all your curves and even give you curves you didn’t even know you had. Countless videos and reviews made on them has to mean something. So definitely would recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already.

Get it on Amazon for $12.99


Portable Sink Dishwasher

Number 4 on the list is a portable dishwasher that you connect to your sink. Perfect for dorm rooms or when you are on the go. Simple stick it to the side of your sink and fill it with water and soap. Turn it on and wash it do it’s thing. Super lightweight and portable you will be able to take this anywhere you go.

Get it on Amazon for $26.98


AirPods Cleaning Kit

Coming it at number 5 we have the perfect device to keep your AirPods in pristine condition. This specially designed tool is designed to fit in every nook and cranny of your AirPods and their case. This is a must have for anyone with AirPods or any headphones for that matter. The tools can also be used on your iPhone as well to clean out speakers and charging ports.

Get it on Amazon for $8.49


Mova Globe

At number 6 we have a super cool toy for any desk or office. They are called Mova Globes and come in various forms from Earth to the planets. They work without batteries or wires to continually spin forever. The inner body is covered by a transparent outer shell so when you pick it up it feels as if the world is spinning in your hands.

Get all the shapes on Amazon: Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus


Regenerating Phone Cable

Number 7 on the list is a unique solution to worn out phone chargers. This unique charger allows you to cut the cable to the perfect length and then clip on your specific charger to the end. Easily swap between usb, usb c and lightnight on the same cable. Not to mention the most convenient money saver. When the end gets worn out like we all have seen so many times, just clip off the worn out part and you are good to go.

Get it on Amazon for $7.99


Rope Launcher

Coming in at number 8 we have the perfect destress toy. This fun little device shoots and endless lasso of string for you to point at objects or watch it bounce off the wall. You can also watch your cat or dog try to comprehend what exactly is happening as they marvel at the floating string in the air. This is the perfect low cost gift to give yourself with no regrets.

Get it on Amazon for $14.99


Super Powered Flashlight

At number 9 you will be able to turn night into day – literally. This flashlight is more powerful than any flashlight you have ever seen. It shines with a whopping 90,000 lumens. For comparison your iPhone flashlight shines at around 40-50 lumens. While still being super compact you can throw it in your backpack and take it with you everywhere.

Get it on Amazon for $42.99


Picture Rubik’s cube

Last but not least we have the picture Rubik’s cube. This is the perfect gift for your significant other or simply just to put on your desk. It comes in various shapes and size and you can upload 6-12 photos. Cycle through them to always have your most precious memories at your side.

Get it on Amazon for $27.99

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